William Wood

Aoraki/Mount Cook

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
180 x 150 cm


“The Alpine environment has become an increasing area of focus for my inspiration after taking part in a series of Alpine Hikes and work with the Snow-line Survey New Zealand in 2021.

The fragility of the Alpine and the deterioration of these fragile ecosystems from the effects of
climate change deeply concerns me that these areas may irreversibly be lost. I aspire to share my positive experiences of being present in the landscape through the practice of
painting, celebrating it for what it is and the importance to preserve it. The mountains imbue a feeling of complete connection. For me the mountains give me a clarity of thought distilled through the action of location painting. This is a further consolidated work inspired by working with the snow-line survey which took place on the 19th of March 2021. I was asked to take part with the snow line survey which is a scientific climate based research trip which takes place every year to monitor the condition of a series of glaciers within the southern Alps in the South island of New Zealand operating since 1978.”