Lorena Levi

Lorena Levi

Lorena Levi is a narrative portraiture painter. Her practice is research based where she uses the internet, speaking to to strangers on chatroom sites and listening to podcasts with real people to gain stories for paintings. Lorena has been collaging found images with her own to create compositions which display an imagined narrative, telling a story in a snapshot.

Graduating from Edinburgh University with an MA in Fine art 2021, Lorena now works in V.O curations, is part of the Alveston Fine art collection and exhibits at spaces such as Mall Galleries, Fitzrovia Gallery and will be showing at the RSA New Contemporaries 2023.

She was awarded the Astaire Prize at the end of her course in Edinburgh and is the overall winner of the 2022 Jackson’s Painting Prize.

Lorena has been granted two upcoming solo shows in London and Glasgow later in 2022 and and is a member of the 2022 Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

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