Emily Faludy

Arundel Orchard, Late Summer

Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
30 x 45 cm

“The focus of my work is my direct experience and interaction with the outer world. I paint ‘plein air’ and am completely absorbed and involved with my chosen subject matter. It is this connection that creates the ‘inner content’ of the work, building an energetic relationship which brings it alive.

Recently, I have been most inspired by unassuming subjects: trees at the end of summer, a flooded plain with a house, a street scene at the cusp of night-time. It is as if their humble nature gives me more space to explore the dynamics of colour and light which I find so fascinating. Oil paint provides a responsive and sensuous medium for me to convey these ideas with; I feel something of the experience of making the work becomes embedded in the paint, resulting in an energetic object that speaks to the viewer on a visceral level.”