Kally Laurence

Balcony, Tottenham

Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
160 x 140 cm

“My work explores the beauty of the everyday and the broader issues that come into and are evoked by the familiar. Sometimes I have to work hard on finding my subject matter, sometimes I see something and know in an instant that that’s a piece of work, ‘ Balcony, Tottenham’ was very much in the latter category . The contents of the balcony are so up my street, a washing line tells a story, kind of like a portrait of the family that live there, the pattern and visual explosion of the fabrics and colours, and the social aspect depicted by the shear well ‘usedness’ of the space, crammed with plants, boxes, suitcases, layers of fencing to keep the pigeons out. I am very much a fan of the urban landscape and the way outdoor spaces are really used in London, e.g. a park on a sunny day. In recent times the theme of outside space has become even more pertinent in light of the pandemic, and us all being confined to our own living spaces. A two tier society has become evident between those of us that are lucky enough to have their own outdoor space, and those who do not.”