Boris Garanger


Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020
90 x 130 cm

“An item of clothing is a vector of the individual in society. How does it speak ? What does it say about the appearance one wishes to convey? An appearance that society demands from us but that we choose in order to oppose it. Just like the characters of “François Bart” tell us about a job, an environment, a social or meteorological climate ? Sometimes, fast and expressive brush paints suggest that characters are defined by their movements and their actions rather than by their physical place in the world.

Each individual has its own expressivity, unique to oneself, that makes its unicity, an expressivity conveyed through the body. Movement defines the individual in space. The subject is a presence though the body, an action though its movement, an appearance through his clothing, its style.

A hidden or suggested face is a way to express, through the body, a personal attitude, even through a universal move. A specific attention to advocate plurality of the body’s identities. Shape, figure, attitude, actions, also give out information on the intimate.”