Celia Mora

Con un Par

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
100 x 90


“In my work, I create symbolic scenes to convey a message, challenging societal stereotypes that have shaped my identity as a female. Inspired by the old masters, I redefine visual codes, particularly focusing on the human figure. Using the male body as a subject, I position myself as an empowered painter, reshaping the traditional concept of the “muse” by placing my partner as a subject.

Through classical painting aesthetics, I subtly challenge notions of beauty and masculinity. Each image serves as both a denotation of meaning and a connotation, challenging the internal beliefs in the audience interpretation. Titles further enrich the discourse in each piece. This creative process aims to present an alternative perspective on our biased perception on masculinity, prompting a critical examination of the gaze through which we perceive the world.

This image intertwines masculinity with the domestic realm, playfully presenting a nuanced perspective of the body where food elements align with the human anatomy. The title satirizes a common Spanish expression, questioning how the idea of strength and power are entangled with outdated notions of masculinity.”