Lena Brazin

Cottage 6

Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020
25 x 25 cm

“I use figurative and narrative painting to explore the existential, ordinary, metaphysical and spiritual themes of human life. Exaggerated personal, mystical and symbolic imagery evokes questioning and opens up an imaginative space for the viewer to occupy. Multiple layers of paint, vivid colors, a variety of painting languages and different paces of application reflect the complexity of the reality that we live in. My work relies on the very intuitive method of collaging photography from real life, most often portraits of people and environments that I encounter on my path, and bold spontaneous drawing where two seemingly disconnected worlds of seen and unseen (etheric) collide and merge together.

Supernatural is being shown through the invented cartoon-like characters and is imprinted into the physical by the act of painting itself. They portray thoughts, consciousness, invisible guidance, observations, fantastical beings, whatever you want them to be. They are there to inspire the audience to think beyond the material existence.”