Diana Savostaite

Deep Infinite Space

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Oil, Silver Leaf, Cold wax, Oil Stick, Organic matter
122 x 122 cm


“The title of this painting symbolizes the profound link between humanity and the cosmos. It explores the idea that within the depths of our being, there is an infinite space for growth, self-discovery, creativity and the realization of our potential, just like the boundless and ever-expanding universe itself.

This artwork portrays a combination of abstract landscape elements – nocturnal sky with falling stars, majestic mountains, and lush greenery, all intertwined with the human form.

For this painting I used a vivid and rich palette, combining the layers of textured oil paint, and shimmering areas of silver leaf. I was aiming for a bold, dynamic composition that captivates the eye with its distinctive and enchanting shape.”