Tania Rutland

Drover’s Road

Jackson's Painting Prize 2022
50 x 50cm

“My work is concerned with the push/pull of representation and abstraction. I work in many mediums; oil painting, etching and drawing. I use each of these creative processes to feed each other in the creation of my work. I am fascinated with the way in which generations of human activity has shaped the landscape of the countryside of both East and West Sussex. I am drawn to what is left behind through the consequence of human presence. It is in this ‘humanised countryside’ my work captures through the various patterns and repetitions of tracks and paths, the kind that cut through a field or hill.

I am drawn to the detritus abandoned by human enterprise; disused paths, broken fences, desire lines that slowly formed over time, animal grazing or movement of people through the landscape. The imagery is a mixture of memory/remembrance, drawn or photographed features, to a source material of something more tangible and real, e.g. pattern or marks left behind from a deliberate application on to the surface of the paint. It is the constant flux of weather and human presence that have shaped/formed these landscapes, that continually inspires me.”