Charlie Chesterman

Dual action (Surf n’ Turf)

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Charcoal, Oil, Cold wax, Oil Stick
245 x 160 cm

“I explore through the works the intricate relationship of human desires, shining a critical light on the themes of greed, hedonism, abstinence and waste. I strip down these themes exposing both the grotesque and the alluring. Satire plays a central role in my artistic practice, as I believe humour can be a powerful mechanism for social commentary –exposing the absurdity and excesses of our consumer driven society. The narrative of the work tends to celebrate a subject while simultaneously denouncing it.

An evolution in my approach has been a growing affinity for paintings as reliefs, a hierarchy of layering, but also of excavation. I like to envisage the painting as a kind of stage; a lot of the work is created on separate canvases to where they end up, which isn’t dissimilar to a rehearsal. This transition has granted me the opportunity to implement collage into my work, not solely as an embellishment, but as an option to later reveal hidden layers beneath the surface. The interplay between addition and withdrawal, unveiling and concealing, a process that mirrors the complexity of the themes I seek to convey.”