Clare Thatcher

Essence of Space

Oil, Pigment
180 x 150 cm


“I am an artist with painting and drawing at the heart of my practice. I make work deeply connected to a sense of place in response to particular landscape features that have had a profound effect on me, mostly in tidal and coastal areas. The locations I choose and the focus of my attention is highly selective and personal, one that evokes a very strong, emotional, felt response.

Central to my practice is the use of pure colour which I make from pigment. I select a limited palette and through the impact of both colour and surface I aim to capture the mood and sensation of an ever-changing landscape. My work has always been about place, specific visited places and so particularly understood by drawing directly. I use drawing and painting as a visual language to express my most inner thoughts and emotions. My paintings tell a story with strong narratives, carrying intense experiences felt when in a place.”