Lucy Cade

Figure With a Sparkler

Jackson's Painting Prize 2022
100 x 80 cm

“My painting stems from an awareness of my femininity and the history of representation of women in art since ancient history. My background in Classics informs my work, which is rich in Classical allusion. My paintings portray women but not in the sense of portraiture so much as avatars of particular mental states or emotions, set in imagined places or landscapes of the mind. My recent work explores my mental illness after the birth of my children. I was recently awarded an Arts Council Grant to make paintings about this experience. Within each painting my style is mostly naturalistic but sometimes edges closer to abstraction and expressionism. In my paintings I articulate the anguish and elation of psychotic states but also touches on the political status of (female) psychiatric patients, preyed upon by self-seeking or indifferent caregivers in a male dominated healthcare system.”