Jo Rance

Follow the Riverbed

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
71 x 91cm


Follow the Riverbed is a love note to the staggered and bountiful landscapes of the Lakes in England. The combination of rolling landscape met with the horizon of rising land is celebrated in this painting. With nature being my greatest muse, these details are translated into a patchwork-esque gathering of varying painterly shapes and mark making.

This painting is a good example of the way I see the landscape, as if I’m wearing a set of rose tinted glasses when outdoors. The decorative style that’s highlighted in certain parts of ‘Follow the Riverbed’ nods to my Woven Textiles roots, translated through brush strokes in balanced but impactful texture and colour choices.

Using the Acrylic paint in varying densities allows me to create a full sense of presence for the viewer, almost evoking a comforting sense of memory. I like the idea of processing the landscape before me, capturing these fleeting seasonal moments. ‘Follow the Riverbed’ celebrates the abundance of flora the Lakes have to offer, whilst prompting this idea of those of who have walked the land before, and those who will walk it in the future.”