Lucy Bristow

I Can Hear Something In Your Voice

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Acrylic, Pencil, Pastel Pencil
60 x 60 cm


“I am drawn to how we shape our environment; how we carve out areas of landscape to suit our purposes, and how this sits, often uncomfortably within the natural surroundings.

This recent painting was inspired by the harsh encroaching artificial light set up against the fading natural light of dusk. Where the trees and countryside meet urban life, people and their environments butting up against the natural landscape.

I find my subject matter often when I am out exploring either on a run or a walk. I may take some photos and then return later with a sketchbook to collect more information. I make the final painting back in my studio, using acrylic paints for speed, alongside graphite, wax crayons, sometimes some collage. I work quickly, to give the painting life and energy, building layers to the image. I want the viewer to get an essence of the excitement which I felt when `I first saw my subject matter. Ultimately, it may not look much like its original source. As the painting progresses, the layers of paint and mark making begin to tell their own story and sense of excitement.”