Dominique Piessevaux

Image 1, From the Series “Caracara Andino”

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
160 x 180 cm

“My work stems from the interest in inhabiting the natural world, specifically hills and mountains. Through drawing, I aim to visualize the intersection between the sublime experience of nature and its current perception, marked by human presence and intervention.

A interplay is established between the grandeur of nature and human intervention, both protagonists of the artwork. This aesthetic pursuit regards human impact as a geological force on this world. The possibility arises to reconsider the non-human through new narratives and reflect on conditions imposed in conceptions of space and time, delving into a sublime artistic category.

Detail and fragment in the drawing reveal forms of excess that allow for transformation, with the intention of imparting exceptional value to that portion of the whole. Contemplation exhibits the experiential nature of the work, where the traced gesture reaches back into the psyche and has the potential to extract new conceptions of the image. The act of drawing becomes a careful exploration, connecting physically and spiritually with the environment”