Abigail Hampsey

In Our Mothers Name

Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
170 x 180 cm

“Abigail sees the relationship with the rural landscape around her; full of its folk lore, its peoples and its histories as special… but not unique. In exploring her own environment Abigail seeks to use this as a lens in which to reflect the ongoing loss of British wild spaces, agricultural landscape and the rural way of life as a whole. Therefor although being quietly personal to herself, the paintings aim to take on a more trans regional role in reflecting an unfortunately common theme of loss.

This most recent body of work explores the relationship between herself and the green belt agricultural land that surrounds her home. This land is under threat by way of the construction of 700 new homes. The work has become an almost frantic endeavour to record this land its magic and its history. This ongoing body of work titled Green Lane is both a cornucopia of information, a desperate attempt at preservation and a brutal recognition of time running out.”