Sebastián Espejo

Interior With Gwen John’s Book

42 x 36 cm


“Year 1996. My morning routine was more or less the same: go out into the garden and climb on a couple of trees with branches that grew horizontally. I remember the Myospores. One of the tree arms allowed me to see the ravine on the other side of the hill. Now, it is late afternoon; the light is setting. I climb up and see ochre patches among the grasses and some accents of light thanks to the spring’s poppies. I see houses building themselves. I see hill- sides overlooking the sea. And I feel that no one is looking at me.

Like climbing, my process of painting starts by wandering. It is a direct observation experience, looking for opportunities to lift the motif. I ponder the best moves, thinking how my body dances with the tree. Then, balancing the weights, moving slowly and sometimes quicker, I began my ascent. There are morphologies that I can not see from the ground but can only acknowledge when I am on my way up. However, the result is not reaching the top of the tree. It is usually just a rush of energy—an idea that allows you to find a place and stay.”