Abstract Award 2020

Zohar Cohen


Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020
289 x 252 cm

“This painting began in Africa. It was a mistake how bring me into Kigali in Rwanda, i didn’t wont to fell there holocaust, I have one at home, bat my bag from flight lost on my way . I felt so existent in Rwanda.
After a day I went to Uganda, with sketch paper I start this painting in a local House that I made it as a studio with the line I cared with me all the way.

14 days with tempera color,, and then long way in my studio at the port of Haifa.
The painted landscape is severed from the original geographical setting and in this process of destruction and neutralization of the initial site, something different is formed. One can find a reference to the landscape – the horizon line, the sky and the earth – but the painting cannot be grasped and it remains open to interpretation.
The painting stretches from right to left, up and down, inside and out, without any coherence, going through a universal experience of eternal existence, endlessness, life and death, tranquillity and compassion – all of which rely on the reference to the city Kigali and the pain she cared.”