Sabrina Montella

Lady Eventide

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
30.48 x 40.64 cm


“My current body of work features trompe l’oeil oil paintings, filled with objects that portray a portrait of a person, creating a story of who they were using the items that they kept or collected.

For me, how we live our lives can be seen by what we carry: what consumes our attention; how we choose to take care of ourselves and spend our days; our passions, worries, desires and beliefs. It can tell us about the time period in which we lived—or maybe wished we had lived.

I have always been fascinated by symbols and cognizant of the fact that even the slightest nuances can change how we perceive and categorize something in our minds. What I hope to remind people of is how these nuances are what makes all the difference, not just in my art, but in each and every person’s life.”