Second Prize 2024

Alessandra Acierno

Leaving the House, Followed

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
127 x 117.5 cm


“I am a female artist specializing in 2D media. Conceptually, the ‘encounter’ is central within my work – an encounter with a stranger, a brutal or absurd encounter. The essence is the meeting point, the tension of two units crossing paths, and the power dynamic implicit in this brief contact. For me, the painting itself is a moment of encounter. Within its boundaries, once-familiar objects and places shift, assuming alien qualities. Kafka’s Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams and found himself in his home, but entirely transformed. It is this metamorphosis, this state of slippage, that occupies my work.

Leaving the House, Followed is a piece about unease. Something has occurred, though the viewer is not privy to the details of the occurrence. Rather, we have come in right after the fact, and before whatever shall happen next. The piece is suspended between two moments and thus exists in a state of dislocation.”