Lily Snowden-Fine


Jackson's Painting Prize 2022
91.5 x 76 cm

“I am fascinated by the imagery we hold dearly, the impact of these fragments, and how these moments evolve with the fogginess of remembering. My paintings study faces I can only partly recall, the colours and patterns that evoke my sense of home, and how nostalgia is passed on as an heirloom.

Whether strangers I pass by or a dear friend I know intimately, my impression is built from my subjective viewpoint. I fabricate stories of their lives based on a coat, a handbag, their mannerisms or expression. In my work, I allow a view into my personal relationship with the subject and how I choose to communicate who they are through abstraction. I intend to bring importance to small details that convey my own interpretation of the subject; the gestures, clothing, and settings that I hold onto in my memories to write a story of the person.”