Danny Cameron

Madonna & Child

Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
110 x 90 cm


“My work is an exploration in to the validity of the subject(s) of Painting per se.
The approach embodies a painterly sensibility, applying pigment in an aggressive, yet playful manner, the work occupies a space somewhere between Figuration & Abstraction.

Incorporating bold gestural brush and line work, and referencing elements drawn from a deep understanding of Painting’s histories, as well as ‘glossy’ magazines & Cartoons, motifs are passed through personal filters and subsequently deformed, the resultant image feels caricature’d, imbued with an irreverent sarcasm.

My recent paintings establish a dialogue with my drawing practice, populated by anthropomorphised objects and characters, at times starkly graphic, and sometimes tending towards pure abstraction, they embody new realities, playgrounds enabling encounters between multifarious natures. The work explores the complex dichotomy between established painting tropes and collaged embodiments, articulating the interplay between conscious/unconscious thought & desires through the act of painting itself.”