Leah Moodie


Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Acrylic, Oil, Gloss Enamel
55 x 45.5 cm


“In my work I like to play with conflicting feelings of comfort and unease in my domestic environment. Coming from the Island community of Orkney and now living in the city of Glasgow I often experience longing for home and question what it is that triggers my discomfort.

To express these emotions I create fractured compositions of interior spaces which have a sustained atmosphere of distance. Distance between human and animal; distance between objects, but also distance from the viewer as the contents seem disconnected from reality. I feel this distance allows us to question belonging.

Each painting hints at a vague narrative that invites the viewer to piece together their own story for the work. Based on personal experiences, you may view the dog depicted here as a playful puppy, or an attacking dog. I paint onto PVC shower curtains which have a transparency that allows the stretcher and wall to be seen through the surface. This gives the image a sense of floating in space that makes my work more surreal. I also use a mix of household paints and varnishes to make my work more uncanny.”