Patricia Thornton

Meet You On The Other Side

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
84 x 68 cm


I am a figurative painter working in oils. Observation is my initial impetus, though on reflection I can see unconscious elements that lead to a more ambiguous reading of the images and events.
I have been slightly deaf since childhood and notice that bodily gesture hold a very important meaning for me..the unspoken agenda, underlying truth..
My method is to select from my own photos and videos or TV film and edit stills to find the images I find intriguing. I then draw and collage elements into my sketchbooks prior to working up into paintings.
The works submitted form a body of work completed from September last year and based on watching my family cavorting in the pool. Through painting I explored these more ambiguous meanings to the elements of gravity..air and water, the breath, submersion and just the fluidity and nature of water.
Hence my figures hover between hesitancy and abandon.