Kylie Sandford

Microcosm III

30 x 32.5 cm

“My lichen and moss drawings are about creating a desire to look closely, then be wowed by nature and colour. There is so much beauty and mystery to be discovered in the detail of our natural environment and it is easily overlooked.

I use colour juxtapositions of vibrant colour and close-up views to display my fascination with these microcosms of life. Each tiny plant and fungus organism in lichen survive by working together and adapting in their colourful, textured world, that we are a part of.

For me, creating these drawings is a way of forging a close relationship with nature. By taking the time to observe and appreciate the small details of the natural world, I feel a deeper connection to the environment around me. In turn, I hope that my art can inspire others to take a closer look at the world and appreciate the beauty and complexity of even the smallest things.

Soft pastels are an ideal medium for capturing the textures, shapes and colours of lichens and mosses, rock and bark. I use a variety of techniques, including layering, blending, and painting with water, to create these richly detailed and impressionistic images on paper.”