Alayo Akinkugbe Award 2024

Lucille Dweck

Ollie and Orlando

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
200 x 80 cm


“This is a painting of my good friends Ollie and Orlando. It was during the lock down when I conceived of this painting. Orlando had had health issues and Ollie in an explosion of love wanted to get married. I attended the wedding In an empty City hall in New York via zoom as was the way at that time. I was touched by their love. Here were a talented creative and immensely kind couple. What I was moved by was their their bravery. Always dressed in outlandish unique fashion, incredibly tall and noticeable, mixed race and gay.

It took until January 2023 for them to visit my studio in London from New York. They posed for the painting. I wanted them life size, (I wanted their full impact) initially I thought kissing, but the hand holding was in a way more intimate.

Through my painting I am addressing issues of acceptance, love and connection and their opposites.”