Jarrod Jackson

Polivka & Son

45.72 x 35.56 cm

“At what point does mere paint or graphite arranged on a flat surface appear lifelike? At what point does one accept a similarity between reality and representation? These are fascinating questions concerning emergence which no purely physical explanation can account for. A painting can cause the viewer to directly experience their own spiritual nature through sight. This experience is subjective and nonverbal.

My goal is to create art that represents order, beauty and emptiness.

To instill the pictures with an intrinsic order, I incorporate geometric structure into the compositions. Compositional elements are sized and positioned to fall on specific alignments, intersections and divisions. I use a transfer method in which I draw every element of a composition on paper, use an X-Acto blade to cut apart these drawings into stencils and then use the stencils to transfer the drawn forms onto the surface of the painting. My goal is to create a distinctive visual language in which natural lifelikeness is contrasted with the imposed structure of design. I want the viewer to enter the illusionistic space of the image, while the picture’s formal organization holds their attention on the surface.”