Emily Wilker

Pond Weir’s Edge

Gouache, Watercolour, Acrylic Ink
38 x 48 cm


“I make paintings about the sensorial experience of being alone in nature. I am greatly inspired by the complexities that light creates through shadow, obstruction, and reflection. I am stimulated by experiences that have multiple layers, senses and filters colliding at once, creating moments of uncanniness and vulnerability from the human perspective. Through the lens of observational painting and the American landscape, my work heightens the subtleties of pattern, texture, and color.

My work is deeply rooted in the preliminary steps of working en plein air, which leads me to further exploration of the densities of my subjects back in the studio. In doing so, my paintings begin to evolve from their fluid, gestural states to dimensional, sculptural paintings. Surfaces are carved, layered, and peeled back again, revealing the many layers that one painting might have. Marked through diligence and speed, the pigment begins to optically mix, embedding materials, layer after layer, foraging images of pondering waters, cascading rivers, New England wetlands and entwined woods.”