Watercolour Award 2021

Angelina Davis


Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
Gouache, Ink, Watercolour
154 x 220 cm

“I have returned to the pond of my childhood village. At the edge of a 70’s housing estate, surrounded by concrete, it was a place where dramas unfolded and friendships were lost. This large-scale watercolour is the backdrop for a courtship between two trees, animated through the act of painting. A trailing plug and disobedient boxes remind us that we are in a set. I am interested in the edges and the spaces between.

The estate that I grew up on was on the edge of the village and the pond itself was at the edge of the estate, fields hanging as a tantalizing matte painting. But they were inaccessible, as was much of the rural landscape that I grew up in. Belonging, English history, and a sense of place have informed this work. Along with comic book humour.”