SOEL Award 2021

Sayan Baigalyev

Purple Dialogue

Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
90 x 230 cm

“For me, painting is a way of interacting with surroundings, and this is the best way for me than talking. I draw and paint instinctively, every day in any situation. I prefer oil paints for their plasticity and pasty brushstroke. Oil paints also allow you to use them to paint a picture for many sessions, or you can finish it right away depending on your mood. My paintings depict the ordinary life of the people I care about – my family and friends.

I like to work with artificial lighting, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life; I like rooms with a mess, in which I try to find systematic and harmony. To leave the imagination open, I aim to stop the work before it says too much. Also it happened because objects often leave their places before I finish the work.”