Karen Wicks

RAF Tilstock Nissen Hut 1

42 x 60 cm


“Derelict structures hold a peculiar allure for me: their presence, like lingering ghosts, invite contemplation. Through intaglio print techniques, I strive to capture this haunting essence—the weight of time, the layers of history, and the quiet intrigue that clings to abandoned spaces. Every cracked brick, every weathered beam tells a story. The mundane corners of forgotten factories, boarded-up houses, and overgrown courtyards become my muse. Their whispers guide my hand as I etch their essence onto recycled flattened boxes and discarded packaging.

My commitment to sustainability shapes my process. I embrace low-fi home print techniques, using minimal resources. But it is the recycled packaging—once utilitarian, now delicate—that truly mirrors the subject matter; like these ‘ghost buildings,’ my prints evolve, disintegrate, and transform over time.”