Danny Cameron

River of Gold

100 x 120 cm


“My work is an exploration in to the validity of the subject of Painting. The approach incorporates both a painterly sensibility, and starkly graphic edge, applying pigment in an aggressive, yet playful manner, occupying a space somewhere between Figuration & Abstraction. Referencing elements drawn from Painting’s histories, as well as magazines, cartoons, film and direct observation, motifs are passed through personal filters and subsequently deformed, the resultant image feels caricature’d, imbued with an irreverent sarcasm.

The paintings embody new realities, playgrounds, enabling encounters between multifarious natures, exploring the complex dichotomy between established painting tropes and collaged embodiments. They articulate the interplay between conscious/unconscious thought & desires through the act of painting itself. Throughout it’s making, the work evolves as it takes on a life of it’s own. I am
directly engaged in their process & materiality, subjectively, they become self referential.

A battle ensues to establish a connection to the present; to dive in to the bustling sprawl, but also to engage with the past; to bathe in the shadow of the Classical façade. Often there is an evocation of a Figure/ Figures, ambiguous, they interlope. Elements
that allude to the Classical are de-contextualised, presented in a wholly new, somewhat unfamiliar painted realm. Ultimately, the intention is to ‘Say something with Painting’ as opposed to making paintings that ‘Say something.’”