Mantas Poderys


Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
30 x 60cm

“It is our strengths and vulnerabilities that make us humane. Through the collaboration with the sitter I aim to capture their personality. This honesty becomes the foundation for the portrait’s aesthetics. I use photography as a core element in my portraiture. It allows me to accurately record the right micro expressions on the face as well as body language.

My work focuses on light and shadows, known together as chiaroscuro. Choosing the correct light source and fine-tuning the balance between light and shadows helps to further reveal the sitter. Through the process of drawing or painting, I start to eliminate the unnecessary visual elements in order to construct a minimal composition which serves best the honest portrayal of the sitter and the vision of the portrait. Finally choosing between materials like canvas, stone, copper or paper and the way the artwork is displayed, helps it to become an object to be experienced through feeling.”