Anji Timlin

Slow, Bright Immensity

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
80 x 300 cm


“Slow, Bright Immensity is part of an ongoing series I am making in response to swimming and monitoring the rivers of Yorkshire.
This work is about my experiences in the river Wharfe at Otley in West Yorkshire. The Wharfe has been an industrial river and at Otley I swim in the shadows of textile mills and ruined sluices. These days it has a majestic peace, wildlife has returned to the post-industrial river in my lifetime, but it also has a melancholic air, given that it is once again under threat from pollution.
Memory and intuition are central to my painting; fleeting moments are captured in sketches and notes made in the landscape and from memories of places and moments. I paint expressively in layers echoing the historical and geologic strata of the places I depict. I work with Wallace-Seymour art materials made locally in Yorkshire. Along with historic pigments from around the world (reflecting the long human history of art, trade and migration to the Pennines) their paint is made from locally occurring natural pigments and waste gleaned from quarries and other post industrial sites. The physical connection to history and landscape is an important part of my practice.”