Jason Gibilaro

Slow Burn

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
120 x 185 cm


“A recurrent theme and starting point of my recent paintings has been based on memories, both recent and earlier, that have left a visual impact. The themes in my paintings normally represent a passing moment in a particular place and time. Working on a number of pieces concurrently, gives each piece room to breathe and develop at its own pace.

Recent paintings have the same size format, the largest size series to date, all covering different subject matter. Working on this size, has allowed exploration in more detail which would have not been possible in the smaller format.

The starting point of the painting Slow Burn is based on an encounter of the Eternal Flame in a Memorial Cemetery and mass grave to mostly citizens of then Leningrad, during the siege in the Second World War.

Recent paintings aim to capture different moments, each with its own point of reference. The point of reference is rarely static and usually in flux. Sometimes this can bring home the transformative power of global events and the world’s fragility as in the painting Slow Burn. The evolving point of reference is an interest, in how it may resonate in the current climate.”