Catharine Davison

Sunday Walk, Path to BraidBurn Valley Park

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Charcoal, Pastel
42 x 59.5


“I like being outside. Living in South Edinburgh I am surrounded by parks and hills where I go walking with my Border Terrier, Stanley. These are places which let me escape into other worlds while the cities visual cues are never far away. Making pictures is what I like doing best, working directly from source sitting on the ground, feeling rooted.

Sometimes I make pictures in my garden, from still lives inspired by what I see and collect from nature. I am looking for enough tension between the forms and spaces and the inevitable shifts and changing appearances with time. I use visual abbreviation and work with a vocabulary of idiosyncratic lines and coloured patchworks shapes. I also make larger works in the studio allowing a different relationship with time and space. Being confined makes me uncomfortable yet it is useful. It helps me recognise and expand the potential within a single idea, transforming perceptions to discover wondrous realities.”