Student Award 2023

Ginny Elston

The Burden of Being

Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
120 x 168 cm


Student Award Winner

“I’m currently working on a project where I collect other people’s waste that I find abandoned in the streets outside my home. These pieces of detritus form a towering still life, full of shape, colour, pattern and form. Painting other people’s rubbish provides a way of giving abandoned things a new life, a new presence and maybe a little more autonomy once again. At the same time, ‘The Burden of Being’ is an uncomfortable confrontation of our ceaseless habits of consuming and discarding materials that will long outlive us on the planet. We spend our lives accumulating ‘stuff’, and I wanted to make a painting that speaks of the overwhelming and overbearing nature of this stuff.”