Chris Hagan

The Ever Changing Memory of an Alan Bennett Play

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
Oil, Oil Stick
Canvas, Cardboard, Fabric, Panel
147 x 75 cm


“The title of this painting (The Ever Changing Memory of an Alan Bennett Play) refers to a group of three actors and musicians that performed in an Alan Bennett theatre production in the 1980’s. These figures have been used in several works as part of an ongoing series called Festen that I have been making since 2020. This and the overall series of works contemplates the ties between theatre and the visual arts throughout history. This piece refers to the creative process through the repetition of a figurative motif. The changes in visual memory over time have created a constantly evolving effigy from a single captured photographic moment. This work is the culmination of the series, its title bringing the piece back to the origin of its source material.”