Bruno Diaz

The Mutant Glow (Children’s Eyes)

Acrylic, Oil
60cm x 40cm


“My paintings are borne out of a strange tension between immediacy and time. Prolonged periods of visual gathering are muted by easily accessible images. Pictorial space is imagined and reconfigured in helter-skelter. A conscious desire for a graphic immediacy is at its core, but further viewing is rewarded with an exploration of what it means to paint. A mood of lost-in-space, lost in painting unifies the diversity of my imagery.

Recently, my practice has been engaged with the subject of image retention. When we draw something with enough conviction, the air surrounding the outline comes to life. My work aims to challenge our understanding of not only what can be seen, but also something of the invisible qualities of a place.

Working exclusively with paint on canvas, these figurative works hope to maintain a natural distance from reality. Through dynamic changes of scale and subject matter, these paintings explore the limitations of the frame, and surface, akin to cinematic montage.”