Acrylic Award 2023

David Kinsey


Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
76.2 x 101.6 cm


Acrylic Award Winner

“Embedded in abstract forms, there lies a heightened sensitivity and commitment to the materiality and mark making experience. This is the fuel that propels the expressionistic responses and reactions of automatism. I strive to elevate this in an abstract language with notions of aesthetics, accident, purposefulness, structures, dichotomies, the physical versus the ethereal, internal versus external.

I’m interested in the work’s physical presence and that reflection upon the viewer. This can be seen by some of the accumulated layers and explosive buildup and at other times, by thin delicate touches within atmospheric spaces. Some of the shapes are organic reflecting the organic nature of art making itself and the human touch. The geometric shapes often allude to technological references, architecture and/ or other structures. When combined, I attempt to have them harmonize with a sense of balance within the variety.

My artworks are incredibly labored over with hours of studio time. I like the idea of them having gone through a type of epic trail, because I would like them to be an echo of moments of time that occur in one’s life.”