Li Ning

Li Ning

Li Ning (b.1994) graduated from Royal College of Art major in painting.

Li is the winner of Still Life Award of Jackson’s Painting Prize 2023. His works have been performed on exhibitions such as RCA Painting Degree Show 2019, Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2021 annual exhibition at Mall Galleries, Jackson’s Painting Prize 2023 exhibition at Bankside Gallery and Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize 2023 online exhibition. Meanwhile, his works have been published on media publication such as Aesthetica magazine and have been featured in essay ‘The Art of Li Ning’ by Jonathan Miles (Tutor and Supervisor of PhD, Royal College of Art. Writer.)

Li’s works represent subjects under allegorical and fantastic imagination. His sources of inspiration come from both mythical forms and ordinary objects. Deeply influenced by Renaissance painters such as Titian, Li realized figurative paintings contain infinite possibilities. By embracing Renaissance painters, he develops his own artistic language to depict subjects in a contemporary art construct.

His works manifest allegorical and spiritual meanings beyond subjects’ physical forms. His sensitive observation combined with spiritual imagination gives the work a sense of idiosyncratic temperament.

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