Billy Bigwood

8 + 8 = Vegetables

Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
Acrylic, Spray Paint
80 x 60 cm


“8+8=Vegetables. i made this painting with the use of spray paint, a variety of different masking tape and some hand painted acrylic . A common theme in my work is abstraction. I take inspiration from the everyday object and think is it possible to tape if not could it be hand painted. i may do a rough sketch on paper before hand but once the first layer of spray paint and tape is down things begin to change. I like to play with the relationships between colours and light within my paintings. Im heavily inspired by flags and there graphic language. i am specifically inspired by African Asafo flags and definitely use elements of them in my own work. i often hint at architectural forms in my work . i like to work with dimension and depth simultaneously with the use of colour to draw attention.”