Planographic Award 2024

Georgia Green

Dartmoor Tiger

Jackson's Art Prize 2024
21 x 14.8 cm


“This sustainably produced risograph edition was designed in response to a beautiful house I spent time in whilst on holiday in Dartmoor last year. I chose to print with warm sunflower and red inks, influenced by the appeal of winter light infusing the shabby grandeur of my temporary home. My tiger is a gentle keepsake lifted from a place of literary sanctuary I remember from my childhood, Judith Kerr’s brilliant The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Whilst I primarily use new and sustainable printmaking techniques as an artist, my knowledge of traditional printmaking strongly informs my mark-making processes. I am particularly interested in the interplay between modern, mechanised forms of print production and their traditional, hands-on counterparts. For example, I love the textural similarity between stone lithography and risography. Whilst they are wildly different processes, the fine dither-dots produced by the riso stencil make a textural pattern similar to the rich grain found in litho stones. The natural translucency of riso ink also compliments the delicate potential of lithography’s liquid tusche. My knowledge of each process assists how I interpret colour and pattern across both techniques, strengthening my capabilities in each medium.”