Anastassia Tetrel

Dentelles Bustier

Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
Charcoal, Pastel
190 x 140 cm


“Since I painted the heart of the church in the town of Mollégès in France, which is 7 m high, I have felt how the choice of format creates an immersive effect. When I started out, I worked a lot from observation of the real world. For the last few years I have been painting mostly by imagination, without any reference image. This leaves me free . Once the sketch is made, I begin by creating lines of force, tension on my canvas, with energetic gestures. The large surface canvases allow precisely this work of plastic research, of expression of energy. Then comes the very meditative time of painting. I work with glazes in painting . I would like to incite the spectator to move in space, to step back to see the whole painting, to get a few centimetres closer to the surface of the canvas to scrutinize the details. My paintings are paradoxical, because they are very realistic and detailed and at the same time, the essential is not shown. This game of hide and seek, play of scale are important to me. My evolution and my research are going in the direction of what I define as ‘abstract hyperrealism’.”