Lois Davidson


Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
Pencil, Watercolour, Graphite
28 x 38 cm

“This was painted as a response to lockdown, my short daily walks sometimes led me to the edges of industrial estates and backstreets, and I found a kind of serene and quiet beauty that I had never noticed before which inspired me greatly. My approach to painting is loose, I to try to capture light and shadows as simply as I can, using large brushes for the most part and minimal brushstrokes to exploit the transparent nature of watercolour, and then like to concentrate on the focus with smaller brushes and more intensity.

I mostly paint wet in wet, quickly and spontaneously, open to the free flowing nature of watercolour, and then finish the painting off with a few details if necessary once dry. I used a hot pressed cotton paper for this painting to try to best capture textures and light and the layers of industrial buildings and neglected overgrown shrubs.”