Joseph Harper

Hopper’s Corner

Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
100 x 120cm

“During recent lockdowns, I have become fascinated with the “Intimism” movement. As we all spent more time indoors, I moved away from my usual landscape paintings and wanted to incorporate the brooding light and atmosphere of one of my favourite artists – Edward Hopper, with this ‘Intimism’ movement, bringing texture and exaggerated light into a banal scene. I wanted to start getting texture into flat areas of colour and into making the light work in a way with paint, that hints at deeper feelings beneath an ordinary scene.

This scene, in oil paint of a kitchen corner looks through a window to a stone retaining wall beyond, whilst the morning sun floods through. I wanted to convey a sense of dark foreboding beneath the ever present joyful light by using the dark rock in the shadows reflected on the glass. The spaniel picture on the wall and the rabbit on the kitchen worktop seem to be looking at the viewer and seeking a connection or help from the space they find themselves in. This light versus dark theme is something we have all grappled with in the last 12 months. The name of the rabbit lamp by David Hunt, is Hopper.”