Jason Gregory

House Call

Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
Acrylic, Pastel
81 x 61 cm

“Jason demonstrates a concrete devotion to form and colour within an altogether instinctive approach to painting. The picture plane is dominated with semi veiled open and closed signs and symbols. Patterns and gestures create a tension with the chromatic grounds, the animated nature of the painting translates via a primarily abstract terminology.

Motifs are rendered with characteristically bold brushwork and gestural energy, they appear to be falling, stacking or balancing. Rhythmic groupings re-occur as leitmotif, figurations lean into vessels or what could be patches of landscape, a universal rhythm is created by the play between figures and ground.
Jason’s paintings recall attributes associated with mid twentieth century painting, throughout the works we find references to cubism embedded in the character of his graphic signs. He creates a space whereby elements are able to assemble melodically, he explains; ‘I want to paint through the subject until something new emerges, to leave a poetic trace.’

We see an exploratory use of materials including, acrylic, flashe, oil, pastel and any number of drawing materials. The surface of the paintings are redacted using a blade and sanded back to the canvas, erasures and layers being fundamental to the painting process and the outcome.”