Andrea Serio

L’ORA BLU (The blue hour)

Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
Pencil, Pastel
40 x 28 cm

“All my artworks are made by hand, mostly using oil pastels, wax pastels and coloured pencils; even if I strongly admire the amazing use of digital tools made by some of my colleagues, I’m also a bit too lazy and too fond of manual techniques to adapt to these new and powerful possibilities.

There’s a number of recurring subjects in my illustrations, but the one I love the most is Nature: when I’m out in the open air, I’m inspired by natural surroundings. Typically, I’m searching for shapes I’ve already drawn, that I know well: some green patch, gardens, hedges, varied trees, country lanes, small buildings, staircases, sunny walls, glimpses of wildness, shorelines, beaches……

I am particularly interested in the relationship between lights and shadows, and I enjoy trying to translate it on paper.”