Amelia Schutter

Marnixstraat (An Unexpected Gift)

Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
60 x 80 cm

“In a world that often feels full and rushed, my oil paintings are an invitation to stop and truly see the unique beauty in our everyday surroundings. My work seeks to capture and draw viewers into how these unexpected moments of everyday wonder feel, focusing on the quality of light, the way it intermingles with shadows and surroundings, and a rich sense of color. A mixture of expressive, textured brushstrokes and refined detail create both a sense of atmosphere and depth while celebrating the joy and beauty in the process of creating itself.

“Marnixstraat (An Unexpected Gift)” captures a sense of stillness and anticipation in the midst of a busy city street. Expressive brushstrokes full of light and color bring energy to the glistening pavement and lead the eye inward, while softly blended glowing light creates a focal point as well as a sense of mystery. Curved and diagonal lines and pops of bright neon are also used to draw the viewer into the scene, helping them to experience the awe of an unexpectedly beautiful moment on wet city streets.”