Sara Rossberg


Jackson's Painting Prize 2022
Acrylic, Pigment
120 x 120 cm

“The manifestation of one moment, an atmosphere of a situation, formed into a mass of translucent impasto paint. The colour scheme is limited to a coherent combination of caput mortuum and sanguine shades. Only the blue post is an alien addition and appears as if shot in from above. There are two areas of white that take the eye back to the basic primer like a gaping opening on the right and one head on the left leaning out as if to escape the dense atmosphere.

My complex and very physical paintings explore issues of human existence in a contemplative way, often with a particular focus on the female figure and the female role in society.
I isolate moments of observation that represent aspects of significance and question common preconceptions. I am interested in showcasing qualities like confidence, perseverance, resilience and self-worth which I realise entirely by the way I form a painting, my paint application and colour choices. I am never narrative or descriptive, I work with a vocabulary that is entirely visual.”